Mom teaches 5-year-old daughter accountability after drawing in library book: ‘Be brave’

This mom made her 5-year-old daughter take accountability for drawing all over a library book by having her admit to her actions and apologize to the librarian, and viewers are applauding her for taking the opportunity to teach her daughter a lesson rather than just shame her.

TikToker and parent Elissa (@elissa.j.l) shared a video of her daughter apologizing to a librarian, and it’s a lesson in accountability for children and adults alike.

The video begins with a shot of Elissa’s daughter walking in the library with the text, “That time I had my 5yo take responsibility for her own actions” on the screen. She adds, “She drew all over a library book. IN PEN.”

“I don’t want to!” protests Elissa’s daughter.

“You can do it, honey,” Elissa reassures her.

Elissa notes in the video that she bought a replacement book, but still wanted her daughter to explain to the librarian what happened. The mom also shares that her daughter was nervous, but they had practiced beforehand.

Eventually, Elissa’s daughter reaches the circulation desk at the library.

“Can you tell her?” encourages Elissa.

“I drawed all over this book. I’m so sorry,” says the little girl while placing the book on the desk.

“Oh, okay,” says the librarian.

Elissa’s daughter then gave the librarian the replacement book and reassured her that she wouldn’t draw in another book again. Lesson learned!

Viewers loved Elissa’s approach and shared their support in the comments.

“I love this! Such a defined difference between shaming her and making her accountable,” said one TikToker.

“So much about this is amazing. Supporting her in righting her mistake, repurchasing the book so the library doesn’t have to. This is wonderful,” echoed another comment.

“You taught her to take responsibility even when embarrassed. Amazing, good for you and her,” said another.

Sometimes, some of life’s greatest lessons are learned at the library!

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