Mom Takes Doors Off Armoire and Turns It Into a Chic Shelf


There's nothing more satisfying than seeing a boring piece of furniture be transformed into something so chic and modern. No need for purchasing any new items, you can simply just rework a piece you already own!

This Instagram user lives and breathes this work, as you can probably tell from her handle which is @fromgrittopearl. Jessica Small has been working on renovating her 1920s bungalow one room and one piece at a time, transforming the place from outdated to a modern cottage style. This project was just one of the many she's accomplished since moving into her home.

Jessica really hits home with the caption, "Here's your reminder that change is good." We couldn't agree more!

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This bookshelf was originally an orange-wood toned armoire that was just not giving off the modern chic vibe that Jessica was going for. So instead of purchasing an entirely new piece, she decided to work with what she had and give this outdated item a little makeover. And honestly it was super simple!

If you have a dresser or armoire that you're not totally in love with, trying giving it a similar renovation and it might just become your new favorite staple piece in your home.

Jessica didn't even have to do much building. All she did was simply take off the cabinet doors and give the entire piece a paint job. She ended up keeping the original wood color in place for the shelves and the back piece, but the rest she painted a dark navy blue that went perfectly with her new wallpaper.

She also got rid of the old circular wooden hardware on the bottom shelf and updated them into sleek silver bracket handles, which give a much more elegant look.

All in all, she really only needed to remove the doors and add some paint! Then she suddenly had a Wayfair-esque bookshelf for her room and it barely cost her a dime.

This is the kind of DIY we can get behind!

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