This Mom Is Suing Her Nanny for $10,000 for How She Fed Her Daughter

One breastfeeding mom is furious after discovering that her doula fed formula to her newborn behind her back. Now, Lynn Wojton says she’s suing the caretaker.


“I was very upset,” the 37-year-old told The New York Post. “This is not what I wanted — this is not what I want — for my baby. I cried for an hour, honestly.”

According to Wojton, she breastfed her daughter Wilder for the first two nights after they got home from the hospital in September. Her nanny, Marcia Chase-Marshall, slept in the same room as the new mom and would wake her when it was time for feeding.

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However, on the third night, Chase-Marshall never woke Wojton. And in the morning, she confessed to giving Wilder baby formula because she was tired and didn’t want to deal with the hassle of helping Wojton breastfeed, The Post reports.

After paying Chase-Marshall $4,200, Wojton confronted the caretaker who she said fled the apartment. And Wojton added that it wasn’t the first conflict between her and Chase-Marshall.

“If I didn’t change the diaper the way she thought was best, she would criticize me the whole time,” the New York mom said to The Post. “It makes you second-guess yourself. You’re a new mother and this is all very new.”

As to why Wojton didn’t pursue legal action sooner or at the time that the incident occurred, her lawyer, Brett Gallaway, informed the magazine that “Lynn obviously didn’t want to cross a stranger who had direct access to her baby, to her home and belongings at such an important and potentially volatile time.”

Now, despite having a new nanny and a healthy six-month-old daughter, Wojton admitted to The Post that she “still gets upset.” She is currently seeking $10,000 in damages in the suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

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