Mom struggles to teach daughter survival skills in hilarious video

This TikTok mom tried to teach her daughter not to talk to strangers, only for her lesson to hilariously backfire!

Erika (@e_r_i_k_a_d_a_r_e) is a parent and TikToker who shares moving videos about her recovery from addiction, along with sweet videos of her toddler daughter. In a recent video, Erika decided to record herself teaching her daughter what to do if a stranger talks to her. Erika gives her daughter a series of hypothetical scenarios in which a stranger approaches, and asks her how she would respond, only for her daughter to choose to go with the hypothetical “stranger” each time!

“Trying to teach your toddler not to talk to strangers but it backfires,” a caption on the video reads.

“If a stranger asks you if you want candy what do you tell them?” Erika asks her daughter as the video begins.

Erika’s toddler stares up at her, her brow furrowed in deep thought. Then, she replies, “Thank you.”

“You tell them, ‘No, I don’t want candy,’” Erika corrects her.

“No, I don’t want candy,” Erika’s toddler repeats, sounding confused.

“What if a stranger asks you to go to the park?” Erika asks.

Her toddler immediately begins nodding, eagerly. “Yeah!” she replies.

“No, you tell them, ‘No, I don’t know you!’” Erika corrects.

“I not know you,” Erika’s toddler repeats skeptically.

“What if a stranger says, ‘Come look at my puppy?’” Erika asks.

“Yeah!” the presumably dog-loving toddler replies, enthusiastically.

“No, say, ‘No,’” a stressed-sounding Erika replies. “What if a stranger says, ‘You want to go to the store with me and I’ll buy you something?’”

Again, the toddler replies in the affirmative and Erika corrects her. “You can only go if mom or dad says yes,” Erika explains. “So what did I tell you?”

Erika’s toddler shrugs her shoulders, her mind clearly on candy and puppies.

But then, Erika asks the toddler one last time what she would say if a stranger approaches her and offers candy.

The toddler thinks hard for a moment then replies, “No, I don’t want to.” It seems Erika may have gotten her lesson across after all!

Viewers were cracking up at the candy-loving toddler.

“She’s up for anything,” one viewer joked.

“She’s so adorable, but her survival instincts need some work,” another viewer commented.

“Keep practicing!” recommended another TikToker.

Erika’s toddler may need to work on her survival skills, but she’s certainly not indecisive!

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