Mom stirs controversy after enforcing ‘controlling’ household rules

A mom with a strict phone policy for her kids wants to know if she crossed the line. She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” to see if she handled things incorrectly when a friend’s child came to visit. The mother, who is a social worker, is aware of the negative effects phones can have on children. So when the friend’s child was over, she took his phone away. When the mom’s friend found out she had taken the child’s phone they were furious. “I got a call from my friend upset that I took her son’s property and that I had no right to take it from him,” she wrote. Reddit users did not support the mom’s phone policy. “It would have been fine to say; we don’t use cell phones in our home unless you are an adult so please put it away” another wrote. “but you took his property. That crossed the line”