Mom slammed after sharing video of her sons kissing

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Ashlee Muhammad captured the cute moment when her sons, Jet Pharaoh and Nova Maximus, shared a quick kiss on the lips. (Photo: Instagram)
Ashlee Muhammad captured the cute moment when her sons, Jet Pharaoh and Nova Maximus, shared a quick kiss on the lips. (Photo: Instagram)

A mother is being heavily criticized after posting a now-viral video of her identical twin sons kissing. Ashlee Muhammad captured the cute moment when Jet Pharaoh and Nova Maximus shared a kiss on the lips after they were dropped off at their daycare in Manhattan’s central Harlem.

“Oh, you boys are so sweet, and you’re going to have a good day,” Muhammad could be heard saying in the background as the boys kissed. She asked if they were going to be “caring friends” before reminding the boys to give her a kiss.

It was a rather cute moment. She shared the video on Instagram and tagged her sons in the post with the caption: “All You NEED Is LOVE @supernovaandjetman

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The video quickly went viral, receiving nearly a million views in four days, but some were quick to call the kiss “inappropriate.”

“You’re trying to justify feminizing young males because of adult males being violent. I don’t agree with this,” wrote one Instagram commenters. “They are too young to be taught about intimacy. They will grow up thinking it’s OK for people of the same sex to kiss and love each other just because. When the reason for intimacy is for procreation not just because of a feeling. We detached ourselves from our purpose for what we believe we are entitled to.”

But many quickly came to the family’s defense.

“Beyond beautiful. Don’t change a thing. We need more parents out there teaching love and empathy. I have two boys and the love they have for one another shows kindness and strength. I pray your boys and mine continue on this path. It is what will heal the world,” one person commented.

“Aw so cute! There’s nothing wrong, I still give my sister a kiss sometimes, too. It’s not incest, it’s just showing you care about the other,” wrote another. “You’re not doing anything wrong.”

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“I guess people would rather see them fighting with each other then loving on each other,” one woman commented.

Muhammad herself was shocked at the negative response and posted this poignant follow-up.

“I Would Have NEVER In A Million Years Thought That Something Posted Out Of Pure Love & Admiration For My Children Would Have Turned Into All Of This | My Parenting Has NEVER Been Attacked So Harshly In MY LIFE | I Don’t Expect Everyone To Think What I Believe Is Right But I Also Don’t Take Kindly To Disrespect | One Thing I Will Ask To All You Perverts PLEASE PLEASE Stop Sexualizing CHILDREN Especially BABIES | If This Has Taught Me Anything It’s That The World Is In A More Damaged & Scary Place Then I Thought | To All Of You Who Defended.”

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Well said.

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