Mom shares video showing how she decorates cookies with her Deaf toddler

This mom posted a video sharing how she decorates holiday cookies with her son, who’s Deaf and learning ASL, and their sweet bond has hearts melting all over TikTok.

TikToker and mom, Brittney Nolte (@brittneynolte), is an advocate for ASL (American Sign Language) and cochlear implants, who shares content featuring her son, Paxtyn, who is Deaf. In a recent TikTok video, Nolte helps Paxtyn decorate holiday cookies while teaching him to communicate using ASL, and viewers were moved by the sweet bond the two share and the mom’s dedication to fostering her child’s learning and development.

The clip opens with a shot of Nolte and Paxtyn sitting at a small kiddie table in the living room. Several piping bags filled with icing surround the single giant cookie in the center of the table.

Paxtyn looks curiously at the colorful goodies on the table. He touches the bag of white icing, which Nolte holds up to show him, before signing the word ‘white’ in ASL, which she then has him repeat.

“And this one,” Nolte says, pointing to the piping bag with green icing before signing the word for ‘green’ as Paxtyn follows along.

Whenever Paxtyn gets frustrated and starts to fuss, Nolte calmly redirects his attention back to watching her repeat certain words vocally while simultaneously using ASL to encourage his communication.

With some help from Nolte, Paxtyn decorates the cookie by piping the green icing around the outer edge. Like most toddlers trying to carve out some autonomy, Paxtyn is ready to take the reins on the piping bag and ice the cookie solo.

After Nolte quickly reminds him to use both hands when holding the piping bag, the two continue decorating the giant cookie together.

The sweet video of the adorable mother and son duo tugged at viewers’ heartstrings, and many parents of children with speech and hearing challenges expressed how much they’ve learned from watching Nolte interact with her son using ASL.

“You are amazing! My toddler is not Deaf, but he is speech delayed. You have helped me teach him to sign! Keep up the good work, mama,” one parent encouraged.

“It’s so beautiful how you have a bond with your son. I am Deaf as well and am impressed with your ASL language. Keep it up,” complimented one TikToker.

“I have a 28-month-old who is speech delayed. Your videos help me learn and teach him signs to communicate,” one mom shared.

It’s incredible how many people you can help and support just by sharing your experiences.

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