Mom shares simple hack to prevent kids from slamming doors

This TikTok mom shared her brilliantly simple life hack for preventing your toddler from slamming their door!

SuzyQ (@ocwarrior19) is a TikToker and parent who shares a wide range of nifty parenting hacks and product reviews. In a recent video, SuzyQ shared her favorite parenting hack, which also happens to be extremely simple! To prevent her toddler from slamming her door, SuzyQ simply cuts up a foam pool noodle and attaches it to her toddler’s door. It’s that easy!

The video begins with a shot of SuzyQ’s kitchen counter. “Show me the life hack that you randomly saw one day that is now an unconscious standard practice in your life,” viral TikTok audio says.

SuzyQ places a pool noodle on the table, then grabs a pair of scissors. She starts by cutting the pool noodle into approximately six-inch long segments, then slices one of the segments down the middle.

Then, SuzyQ grabs the cut up pool noodle and starts walking towards her toddler’s bedroom. “I have a little stinker that likes to lock and slam her door, so this is my cheap way to solve that problem,” SuzyQ explains.

When SuzyQ reaches her toddler’s bedroom, she slides the pool noodle segment onto the top of the door. Then, she demonstrates how, no matter how hard she tries to slam the door, it doesn’t close or lock. Instead, it harmlessly bounces open again.

Some viewers applauded the mom’s genius hack, while others felt she should teach her child not to slam doors at all.

“Great idea! I have a 2-year-old that likes playing with the doors,” one viewer wrote.

“Back in the day, my dad taught door-closing lessons. I remember opening and shutting forever. I learned though,” another viewer commented.

“Just remove the door. Problem solved,” joked another TikToker.

SuzyQ’s hack might not be for everyone, but it’s so simple it might just be worth trying out!

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