Mom shares hilarious ways to ‘style’ postpartum hair, and it’s everything

There are many indisputable facts of mom life, and one of them is this: the postpartum hair struggle is REAL. It’s real, it’s relentless, and it feels like it lasts forever. And while everyone’s hair is different, one mom decided to go all out and show off all the different ways you can style your postpartum baby hairs during the painful regrowth period.

Is this a joke? Yes. Would any of us actually wear these hairstyles? Probably not. Is it exactly what we all need regardless? Yes, yes it is.

First up: stylish front pieces. You know, the soft tendrils of hair that we let fall and frame our face when with our updos and messy buns? Yeah, well, that doesn’t always work with postpartum hair. But one can dream! (And laugh, because this woman gets it.)

The front piece style is followed by accessorizing, the “front poof,” and curtain bangs—personally, it doesn’t get much better than the front pieces. But the curtain bangs look is a close second.

What causes postpartum hair loss?

Postpartum hair loss is very common, and isn’t technically considered to be true hair loss. According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, this phenomenon is actually excessive hair shedding. And it’s temporary. Your formerly thick hair was courtesy of the high estrogen levels in your body during pregnancy, which suddenly took a plunge after childbirth, triggering your body’s normal hair-shedding process.

It typically kicks in around the six-month mark after baby, and can continue through your child’s first birthday. Then comes the awesome(ly hilarious) regrowth period! That lasts as long as it takes for your hair to grow. (If you’re still noticing significant hair loss after one year postpartum, talk to your doctor.)

The comments on the above video are just as funny and validating as you’d expect them to be!

“You can do daphne from Bridgerton!”

“HAHAHA! The accuracy! And I’m due again in October. I’m gonna need a support group and a wig.”

“I can’t wait for my postpartum hair to be that long!”

“I’m getting Lydia Deetz on the last one!!”

“I’m currently living this.. gremlin numero 3 and I totally forgot about this stage, then 1 day looked in the mirror and thought ‘isn’t that special.'”

“Mine is all at the nape of my neck! it’s giving mullet when I wear it up!”

Solidarity to anyone who ever looked like a toddler cut their own hair due to postpartum hair loss—you’re not alone!