Mom shares clever ‘gremlin activity box’ to keep kids occupied

This mom’s “gremlin activity box” idea is a fun way to keep kids entertained using cardboard boxes, and viewers love the easy makeshift playtime hack.

It’s been said that some kids would rather play with the box instead of the toy inside. TikToker and parent Kristy Sarah (@kristy.sarah) takes advantage of this concept with her brilliant gremlin activity box idea, where she has her kids (a.k.a. gremlins) play and color with markers inside two attached cardboard boxes. Based on viewers’ responses, it’s a genius way for kids to entertain themselves.

The playful video tutorial begins with a shot of Sarah tossing two sizable flat cardboard boxes on her floor.

She proceeds to tape each box together, leaving the top open. After cutting one top flap off each box, she attaches the sides with the cardboard flaps removed.

To form a window between the boxes, Sarah slices a hole in the middle of the connected interior sides. She attaches the remaining cardboard flaps bordering each other using tape before nonchalantly throwing a handful of markers into each compartment.

The clip then cuts to a shot of Sarah placing each of her children in one of the compartments in the activity box, followed by footage of her kids inside the box, drawing on the cardboard walls.

Sarah furiously scrawls “Gremlins” in black marker on the exterior of the completed activity box before the clip ends after cutting to the “gremlins” having a blast inside their box two hours later.

Viewers got a kick out of Sarah’s clever DIY playtime trick.

“When my parents bought a new fridge, I got a new rocket ship,” one user joked.

SpongeBob to Squidward: ‘IMAGIIIIIIINATION,’” quoted one TikToker.

“Yes! Add some glow sticks, and I’d bet you get an extra hour,” one viewer suggested.

The gremlin activity box proves that a bit of imagination lets you think outside the box.

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