A mom is selling 'passive aggressive' lunch bags so your kids can get their daily intake of snark

A California mom is cashing in on the passive-aggressive messages she sends with her children to school after some on social media found her witticisms relatable.

Whitney Cicero, perhaps annoyed that her 12-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter couldn’t throw a green apple and a cheese stick in a brown paper bag themselves, has been writing notes on her kids’ lunch bags. And no, it’s not the cheesy “I believe in you,” or “Hang in there!” It’s actually helpful advice like, “Get off your phone,” and “Fortnight is not a career.”

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ANNOUNCEMENT! PassiveAggressiveLunchBags.com are on sale now. #LinkInBio I first started writing passive aggressive notes on my kids' lunch bags because it was either that or poisoning them. My daughter convinced me they were funny and told me to start posting them on Instagram. I did and the reponse was overwhelming. People loved them and asked where they could purchase them. Which made no sense to me. "Why would you buy these? They're just bags with funny sayings, " I asked. "Because our lives our busy as shit and we have no time so please do it for us," the moms said back. Well I love you and want you to be happy so I've launched passiveaggressivelunchbags.com. You can get a 10-pack for $9.99 + shipping. Each month will have a new funny batch of passive aggressive quips to help you troll your kids. Because Fornite sucks and trolling rocks. They make great gifts and stocking stuffers. Thanks for the encouragement IG family. Please share and pick up a few packs for your friends. Love, Whitney aka The New Stepford #PassiveAggresiveLunchBags #lunch #funny #momlife #mompreneuer #soml #writers #mommybloggers #life #funnymemes #bestholidaygiftsforkids #bestholidaygiftsformoms #funnyholidaygifts #whitelephantgifts #bestgifts #onsalenow #sharpies This month's bags: #fortniteisnotacareerchoice #wearajacket #needsahaircut #getoffyourphone #cleanupyourroom #idontknowwhyyourlockersmells #gotobedearlier #justpretenditschiptole #bringyourPEclotheshometobewashed.for.the.love #Ifitwereayoutubevideoyoudunpackit

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The New Stepford blogger was encouraged by her daughter to share the photos of her custom lunch bags after her classmates would ask to see them every day. Soon, her Facebook followers took notice and now they want her to write custom bags for their own children.

A California mom is sending her kids to school with a well-balanced joke. (Photo: @TheNewStepford via Instagram)
A California mom is sending her kids to school with a well-balanced joke. (Photo: @TheNewStepford via Instagram)

But these snarky messages come from a good place. “It’s imperative to have humor with your kids,” Cicero told TODAY Parents. “We joke about everything — sex, drugs, politics, their bodies — I don’t want them to think anything is taboo. Humor is a great segue into having meaningful conversations and it helps break the tension of things that can be kind of awkward. And, if we don’t have a sense of humor about parenting, we will literally lose our minds.”

A 10-pack of bags costs $9.99, and she hopes that everyone will get them for stocking stuffers this year during the holidays — but they’re already a hit. The first batch has sold out, and people are leaving glowing comments on social media. “I don’t even have kids to be passively aggressive to, but I want these…for my students,” one teacher commented.

The odd novelty of these bags isn’t lost on the mother of two. Responding to a negative comment she writes, “I can’t believe people are paying for them either. Maybe people just need a little laugh.”

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