Mom says this one phrase can help bring peace to your home: ‘Better than any threat’

Anyone who has kids probably understands they’ve got to embrace a little bit of chaos. But if you’re looking for a moment of peace, one mom says the key is a single phrase.

Destini Ann is a single parent with 1.1 million TikTok followers. She dishes on how to parent with positivity, peace and practical tools. The mom is convinced that using one phrase and understanding its ethos can make it that much easier to discipline children.

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“Y’all stressed, so I’m going to help you create some peace in your house with this one phrase!” the mother said. “The phrase is ‘we’re a team.’ The quickest way to cooperation is collaboration. There’s no need to flex your authority on a 3-year-old. The hierarchy is obvious: you’re big, they’re little.”

Destini Ann said kids are well aware that parents rule the kingdom, so reminding them all the time is unnecessary.

“We don’t have to throw that in their faces then expect them to make responsible, empowered decisions,” she explained. “Imagine your boss being like, ‘I’m the boss, you’re the employee. Do what I ask you to do.’ First of all, rude. Second of all, I know you’re the boss — you write my paycheck. If you do this with your kids, you’re setting yourself up for everyday power struggles.”

She expressed that laying down the law isn’t as effective as working with your kids to get successful results.

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“We’re a team. That means three things are going to have to be mutual,” Destini Ann said. “Number one, the kindness. Number two, the respect. Number three, a little bit of grace. That’s right, I’m gonna give you some grace. You know why? Because mommy is going to need a little grace every once in a while.”

A great way to nudge kids in the right direction is to remind them of the stakes at hand, according to Destini Ann. If your little one doesn’t want to go to bed, remind them of how much fun they have in the mornings and how over-sleeping could disrupt that.

“Love this! Saying ‘we’re a team’ helped my husband and me so much in our early years of marriage,” one person commented.

“We’ve been using this phrase. It has saved us countless arguments and frustration,” another said.

“I use ‘we’re a team’ multiple times a day to my toddler, and it works better than any threat,” a user wrote.

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