Mom reveals how her husband really feels about their little boy wearing dresses in tear-jerking TikTok

A TikTok mom is going viral for the footage she captured of her husband and their little boy after he decided to wear a sparkly pink dress.

Mom and mental health advocate, Caitlin (@caitlinfladager), took to TikTok to respond to a question she received from an unknown source: “What does your husband think of his son wearing a dress? I doubt he supports this…”

Her response, captured on camera and shared to TikTok, has the Internet in tears.

According to Caitlin’s other TikTok videos, her 5-year-old son, Jack, first became interested in dresses when his older sister needed a new dress for a photo shoot.

While shopping for his sister’s dress, Jack expressed interest in having a dress of his own — so Caitlin bought it for him.

Since then, Jack likes to occasionally put on his sparkly pink dress and twirl around — and the family supports that completely and loves Jack for exactly who he is.

So when someone asked Caitlin what her husband thought of their little boy wearing a dress, and declared that there’s no way he could be supportive of such a thing, she revealed the truth in her now-viral TikTok video.

And after 12M views, 3M likes, and 43K comments, it’s clear that the video touched TikTok user’s hearts around the world.

‘You are winning at parenting’

In response to Caitlin’s video of Jack and his dad, the comments of love and support came pouring in.

“You’re amazing parents! We should teach our children to never be ashamed of who they are. You’re both everything a parent should be and more,” one person wrote.

“My heart is full. Excuse me while I go cry out of happiness, thank you bye,” another commented.

“Instantly brought tears to my eyes. So beautiful. That is a real man! God bless your family,” said another user.

“You are winning at parenting,” read another comment.

“I love this so much. The little guy looks so happy and the dad looks like he loves him more than anything,” one person wrote.

“Please don’t have children if you won’t raise your kids to be who they are, love who they love, and accept them no matter what. This is beautiful,” said another user.

As Caitlin said in the caption of one of her other videos, “My 5 year old son loves to wear dresses, and I think that’s beautiful.”

It’s obvious Jack is loved, supported, and valued for exactly who he is — and isn’t that what parenting is all about?

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