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Mom refuses to give up when toddler has trouble pronouncing the word ‘scrunchie’

Watch this adorable toddler try to say the word “scrunchie” and get so excited when her mom finally understands her!

Feeling misunderstood can be difficult for anyone, and especially toddlers! TikTok parent @brandiadkins10 recently shared a video showing how frustrated her toddler gets when she doesn’t understand the word she’s trying to say—and how happy she is when her mom finally figures it out.

In the video, the sweet toddler, whose vocabulary has developed just a bit quicker than her pronunciation skills, attempts to say the word “scrunchie.”

The video begins with the toddler sitting in her stroller wearing a pink t-shirt and headband. “Alright, say it again,” her mom says from behind the camera.

“Brown-chie,” the toddler replies, enunciating carefully and staring up at her mom with wide blue eyes.

“And it’s not a brownie?” her mom asks, trying to figure out what word the toddler is trying to say.

“No,” the toddlers replies.

“What do you do with it?” her mom asks. “What do you do with the ‘brown-chie?’”

Frustrated with being misunderstood, the toddler pouts and turns away from her mom. She appears to be almost on the verge of tears.

“Is it a toy?” her mom asks.

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But now, the frustrated toddler is ignoring her. She looks to the side and furrows her brow as she sulks.

“Is it food?” her mom asks, grasping her arm playfully. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what you mean!”

Then, her mom pauses for a moment to think. “A scrunchie?” she guesses.

At this, the toddler’s eyes light up and she turns to face her mom. She nods excitedly.

“A scrunchie?” her mom asks again.

“Yeah,” the toddler replies, starting to smile.

“For your hair?” her mom clarifies.

“Yeah!” the toddler says, now with a big grin on her face.

“Oh yay!” her mom says. Both toddler and mom begin to laugh as the video ends.

Viewers applauded the sweet mother-daughter moment and shared their own parenting experiences.

“Omg this is the cutest thing! My little girl does this same thing when I can’t understand her, but I never give up either,” one parent replied.

“The ‘yeahhh’ at the end made me so excited for both of y’all,” wrote another viewer.

“Nothing breaks a toddler’s heart more than us not understanding their gibberish,” commented another TikToker.
The toddler’s reaction to finally being understood shows just how important patience and communication are!

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