Mom receives hilarious note from daycare after forgetting to bring in diapers

This mom shared the hilarious moment she found a note attached to her toddler, reminding her to send him to daycare with diapers!

Jenna Beatty (@beatty.fam) is a mom and TikToker who shares sweet videos of her toddler, Lawson, and her husband, Cory. Jenna does her best to make sure her toddler is prepared for daycare every day, but, like most parents, things sometimes slip her mind. That’s why the staff at her son’s daycare decided to get in touch with her in a creative way: They attached a note to Lawson! In the hilarious video, Jenna shares the moment she noticed the note attached to her son!

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The video begins with a shot of Lawson standing in the family’s living room. The toddler wears a green and white baseball shirt and brown pants, and is facing away from the camera, intently playing with the pieces from a game of Connect Four.

Jenna sits on the couch, filming the toddler as he plays. From a distance, it appears that the toddler has a piece of tape stuck onto the back of his shirt, just below the neckline. However, it is too far to clearly read what it says.

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Then, Jenna moves forward and the tape comes into focus. “Needs diapers!” is written on the tape in black permanent marker.

A caption on screen reads, “When you forget to bring diapers to daycare after you were already reminded.”

For a moment, Lawson continues playing. But then, he becomes aware of his mom’s attention, and turns around to greet her. The video ends with the adorable toddler running towards his mom with a big grin on his face.

“Well this definitely caught our attention,” Jenna writes in another caption.

Viewers were cracking up at Jenna’s hilarious video.

“Tape on the back [is] every daycare worker’s best friend,” one viewer wrote.

“As someone with ADHD, this is helpful,” another TikToker commented.

“Honestly, this is such a good idea,” another viewer chimed in.

These daycare workers certainly know how to get a message across!

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