A Mom Is Pleading With Parents to Remember the Teachers During This Back-to-School Season

Murphy Moroney

Mom and writer Mia Carella is just as nervous about school reopening in the fall as the next parent. And while tensions are certainly high for families across the United States that are weighing all of the current options, Mia's urging parents to also be mindful of their children's teachers this school year. In a poignant Facebook post, Mia outlined exactly what educators will be putting on the line if and when in-person instruction resumes.

"If our school district reopens for in-person learning, do I send my child? Do the benefits outweigh the risks?" Mia asked. "Or do I choose to continue distance learning or homeschooling in the name of health and safety, but deny my child of the important social and face-to-face aspects of school? This is not an easy decision, but it is one that I will get to make for my child."

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Although Mia isn't downplaying the tough decisions parents will have to make in the upcoming months, she's even more concerned about the teachers who may not get choices.

"And as I sit and agonize over what is right for us, I can't help but think about the teachers and other educators, and my heart breaks for them," she wrote. "Educators won't have a choice if their district chooses to open for in-person education. They will have to go. Maybe in masks. Maybe in face shields. Maybe in other protective gear, but they will go because they are the teachers, and that's what they do. THEY SHOW UP FOR OUR KIDS."

"Please don't forget about our educators. We couldn't do any of this without them."

Mia was quick to point out that if in-school instruction becomes an option come fall, it will be because of the teachers who are putting their families' health and safety at risk to make that happen for their students. Which is why she's encouraging others to consider teachers when school resumes.

"I have many educators in my life whom I love dearly, and it hurts me to think about them being in this position," she wrote. "So, as you sit frustrated and struggle to decide what is best for your child(ren) come the 2020-21 school year, please remember the educators, too, and the difficult position they are in now and will continue to be in when school starts. Think about the hard work they are doing in planning and prepping, and the sacrifices they will be making for your child no matter what the school year looks like. Please don't forget about our educators. We couldn't do any of this without them."

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