Mom has no idea how to respond when toddler asks if they’re ‘real or pretend’

This mom on TikTok had no idea what to say when her toddler asked her if their existence was “real or pretend.”

TikToker Yasmyn Switzer (@yasmynswitzer) is a parent, musician, and content creator who shares clips of daily life with her partner, Logan, and their three daughters. In one of her videos, Switzer is driving with her 3-year-old daughter, who, in a moment of innocent existentialism, asks Switzer if she and her family are “real or pretend.”

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The Twilight Zone-esque clip begins with a shot of Switzer looking quizzically at the camera from behind the wheel of her car as the words “When you’re driving in a storm and your 3-year-old asks if we are ‘real or pretend,’” appear on-screen.

“Oh Lord,” a voice says over the clip’s audio as Switzer contemplates, shifting her eyes back and forth as her adorable toddler peeks out from the back seat.

As the electronic background music swells, the clip cuts to a shot taken from the passenger seat of Switzer, deep in thought, looking apprehensively at her daughter from the rearview mirror.

The music heightens in intensity as the clip cuts to footage of Switzer’s daughter looking deviously at the camera as she sits in her car seat.

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Switzer closes the video with an extreme close-up shot of the toddler peering at the camera from the corner of the frame. At the same time, Switzer sits in the front seat, looking skeptically over her shoulder, further emphasizing the theoretical gray area between fantasy and reality.

Based on viewers’ responses to Switzer’s video, this kind of metaphysical questioning isn’t uncommon amongst children.

“When I was little, I thought I was on a TV show all the time but was not allowed to know,” shared one user.

“When I was younger, I used to think that [we] had two different worlds, and one side was the shows we watched, [while] the people in the show watched us,” one TikToker mentioned.

“When I was younger, I thought I was the only human on earth and that everyone around me were robots,” disclosed another viewer.

If the replies in the comments are any indication, the idea of existence occurring in a simulated reality might not be totally out of this world.

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