Mom knows exactly what to say to person who accused her of 'borrowing' her baby

A mother said she borrowed her daughter from the neighbors in a hilarious response to a hater. Nika Diwa documents her life as a mother to her baby girl Zizi. The mom has 455,000 TikTok followers. Diwa has Filipino heritage, and her husband's background is Nigerian. While it might seem obvious that Zizi would then be a mix of both her parents, the concept seemed to evade some of Diwa's followers. When one person asked a question that would be offensive if it weren't so stupid, Diwa had the perfect response. "Is that your kid? Or you borrow the neighbor's kid for the video?" . Diwa answered with the precise amount of seriousness the ridiculous question called for: none at all. "This is a really good question," the mom said with her child in tow. "When the pandemic first started, my neighbors started this business called Borrow My Black Baby. I thought, perfect". Diwa said she felt it was time to start her career as a TikTok influencer, and Black babies are really hot on social media right now. People thought Diwa's response was hilarious, which earned her 1.9 million likes on TikTok