Mom is horrified when she sees 2 black eyes peering out from inside Christmas tree: ‘Absolutely not’

A mom made a shocking holiday discovery when she looked into the branches of her Christmas tree, and TikTokers are freaking out.

Gina (@gina_premmama) gained over 2 million views, 130,000 likes and nearly 3,000 comments when she uploaded the stunning Christmas footage to her account.

Now, much like the “Grinch” mom who went viral for revealing the toys she’ll never buy her kids for Christmas, Gina’s holiday discovery is causing a stir on TikTok.

In the video, simply captioned, “Help!!!!!,” Gina’s video begins less like a feel-good Christmas movie and more like a spooky horror flick.

As the mom gingerly sticks a broom handle into the tree, she pulls back the branches to reveal two beady eyes peering out at her.

The little creature sits still, clearly as terrified as Gina is, as Michael Bublé’s “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” plays overtop.

Gina later updated her followers to let them know that the critter was not harmed and was safely placed outside after being caught.

“I would [have] died on the spot…”

Thousands of TikTokers ran to the comments to react to Gina’s shocking footage.

“One of my biggest fears lol,” one user wrote.

“I would have destroyed they whole tree in a panic 😳😂😂,” another user commented.

“The way I would’ve simply set the whole tree on fire,” wrote one user.

“I would [have] died on the spot,” shared another.

However, some TikTokers didn’t find the little creature scary — but rather, endearing.

“Aww bless 🥰 set a humane trap and let him loose outside 🥰,” one user wrote.

“Omg it’s so cute. Name it and keep it 🥰,” begged another user.

“Why can’t things like this happen to me 😭 he’s so cute,” commented another.

“It’s not a Christmas tree it’s a Christmouse tree,” joked one user.

Thankfully, no creatures were harmed in the making of this viral holiday moment, and Gina’s little Christmas visitor will live to see another day.

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