Mom is horrified to discover why her filtered water has such a sweet aftertaste: ‘I’m a bad mom’

A mom’s shockingly sweet water bottle mystery has TikTokers cracking up — and checking to make sure their own water is safe to drink.

TikTok mom @trishnicole92091 gained over 1.4 million views and 270,000 likes when she uploaded a hilariously cringeworthy tale to her account.

We’ve seen parents’ innocent blunders go viral before — like this dad who sent his daughter to school with the alarmingly wrong lunch box or this mom who forgot all about picture day when she dressed her 3-year-old in an unfortunate T-shirt — but Trish’s water bottle story is a “mom fail” few TikTokers could have anticipated.

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After warning other moms not to “come for her,” Trish begins her story by holding up a large Igloo bottle.

“See this? I fill it up every day, ice water. I drink it every day, all of it,” she explains.

Trish then goes on to say that, for the past two days, her water has had a “weird, crazy aftertaste” — but one that was surprisingly good.

She explains that, despite using a Brita water filter and thoroughly washing out the bottle, her water was mysteriously sweet.

“Even my kids were like, ‘Oh Mom, this water is delicious. What’s in it?’ Hell if I know,” she recalled.

That’s when Trish realized the problem wasn’t with the water itself, or with her Igloo bottle — but the ice cubes she was filling her bottle with.

As it turns out, Trish’s leaking bottle of whipped vodka was behind the deliciously sweet flavor — and her whole family had been unknowingly tippling the entire time.

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‘OMG, I died laughing…’

When TikTokers reached the unexpected conclusion of Trish’s story, they were shocked.

“Oh. My. Goodness! 😂 I truly didn’t know where this was going!” one user wrote.

“I was really scared that a small child peed in it,” another user laughed.

“OMG, I died laughing. This is the best!!” commented another user.

“Hey neighbor… My ice machine isn’t broken or anything… but… can I borrow some of yours? Ya know… to check the quality difference?” one user joked.

Thankfully, Trish was able to pinpoint the cause of her water’s sweet aftertaste — and no doubt moved her vodka to a better position in the freezer.

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