Mom Honors 'Scary' Adopted Dog's Life and It's So Touching

Sometimes even 'scary' dogs just need unconditional love.

Sometimes dogs that are labeled as "scary" or aggressive are often surrendered to shelters or rescues. A lot of times people decide to adopt one of these dogs and provide them with a loving home and a second chance at life because they know that sometimes even the "scariest" dogs just need love, patience and understanding to learn how to trust people again.

That's the case with TikTok account holder @Weishaarfam who shared a beautiful clip about what life was like living with one of these "scary" dogs from the shelter. Watch the following to fall in love with the life of this beautiful pupper who just needed unconditional love.

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This is such a touching reminder to treasure every moment we have with our fur babies. TikTok viewers are so touched by this story and @K.eporter comments, "Omg I am BAWLING. I have a sweet pit bull boy too and I can’t even think about him being gone." @Mommyery makes a valid point and says, "I truly feel a lot of dogs in shelters are kennel aggressive…not overall aggressive!" @AbbyBaldridge replies, "And to think..he could have passed on alone in the shelter but instead he passed on happy and loved." So true.

Adopting a dog is a serious responsibility that requires careful consideration. While a shelter may consider a dog to be "scary" it's reasonable to expect a lot of this fear comes from the dog being in an unfamiliar shelter itself. If you understand the potential challenges and take the necessary steps to provide a safe and happy home for your new baby you will probably be rewarded with a lifetime of unconditional love and companionship.

We are so glad this boy had an understanding family take a chance on him so he could spend his days with all the unconditional love he deserved.

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