Mom hilariously recreates how confusing make-believe with her 3-year-old can be

This TikTok parent shared a hilarious video showing just how confusing playing make-believe with a toddler can be!

Lindsey Gurk (@lindseygurk) is a mom and TikToker who shares humorous parenting videos along with sweet videos of her kids and husband. Lindsey loves sharing some of the hilarious conversations she has with her 3-year-old son, and recently shared a video that is likely to be relatable to any parent of a toddler. In the video, Lindsey re-enacts a thoroughly confusing conversation she had with her son while playing with toy cars.

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In the video, Lindsey plays both herself and her son. She and her “son” sit together at a table pushing a handful of toy cars back and forth. “You can pick which one you want,” Lindsey says as her son, gesturing at the scattered cars.

“I’ll pick this blue one,” Lindsey replies, picking up a blue toy car.

“I’m actually the blue one,” her son responds.

“Alright, I’ll be the yellow one,” Lindsey says, gamely.

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But once again, her son grabs the car away, saying, “I’m the yellow one, too. You can be the garbage truck.”

Lindsey looks around the table in confusion. “There is no garbage truck,” she tells her son.

“You can just pretend,” he replies.

But when Lindsey starts pretending to play with the imaginary garbage truck, her son has nothing but criticism!

Lindsey continues to re-enact the conversation, which includes her son telling her there is a magical boulder in the road, and that she is driving her car incorrectly.

Finally, the toddler sighs in frustration. “Mommy, I’ll just do independent play,” he says.

“I can be the garbage truck again!” Lindsey offers.

“No, it’s okay,” says her son, clearly annoyed at his mom for not understanding the game of make-believe he is playing.

“Bye,” Lindsey’s son says, as the video ends.

Lindsey’s video had viewers cracking up and sharing their own parenting stories!

“I love watching kids play, not necessarily playing with them… and this is why,” wrote one TikToker.

“This is an accurate representation of why I’m not allowed to play superheroes anymore,” one parent commented.

“My daughter used to get so mad playing Barbies because I didn’t do their voices right and I put the wrong clothes on them. These kids, I tell ya!” another parent added.

Toddlers have such big imaginations, and it can be hard as a parent to keep up sometimes!

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