Mom has great sense of humor when DIY veneers ‘go wrong’: ‘I don’t think I molded them right’

When it comes to online shopping, what you see isn’t always what you get.

Mom of five and TikToker Sarah Nash was barely able to speak after she ordered DIY veneers online. Veneers are thin covers applied to teeth to give them a more conventional, whiter appearance. The cosmetic treatment is typically performed by a dentist and not at home.

That’s probably why Nash was in absolute stitches after seeing her results from the DIY procedure.

Now, like the mom who was horrified when a Starbucks barista informed her that half her face was unblended, Nash’s hilarious video is going viral.

“So, I bought some DIY veneers… I don’t think I molded them right,” the video text read. “I can’t even talk! What do you think? Is it a win?”

Nash removed her hand from her mouth to reveal a set of very white teeth and white gums. The veneers were so large that the top row completely covered her mouth. She could hardly hold them in place because they were too heavy.

You can breathe a sigh of relief, however. The mom explained in the comments that the veneers are “not permanent.” She added that she “would have been crying if they were permanent.”

Nash elaborated that she has always been “insecure” about her “crooked teeth.” But the veneers were like “Halloween teeth” and “so low-quality.”

“Oh well, guess I’ll have to get some straightening aligners,” Nash said.

People shared their reactions to the funny video in the comments.

“I don’t think they look bad,” someone said.

“This is so epic!! I really needed this today!” another wrote.

“OMG. My worst fear. Where did you get them from so I can avoid it?” a user asked.

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