Mom’s giant candy machine allows kids to ‘shop’ at home with their weekly allowance: ‘This is actually genius’

TikTokers are losing it over this mom’s “genius” money-savvy parenting hack!

TikToker Trisha Zook (@trisha_zook) is a busy parent and blogger who went viral after sharing a very creative parenting and money-saving hack, leaving viewers on TikTok mesmerized by its ingenuity!

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The clip begins with a front-facing shot of Zook. “Yeah, I’m that mom,” she says to the camera before the video cuts to jaw-dropping footage of an industrial-sized candy dispenser mounted next to the staircase.

“I installed an actual candy machine in my house,” Zook proudly explains as the camera moves closer to the machine, revealing 3 compartments filled with Runts, M&M’s, and jelly beans.

In the following shots, Zook breaks down the business of running the mini candy shop. She explains that her kids have to purchase the candy using their own money. “We give them $5 a week as an allowance, and now, they can spend it here,” Zook jubilantly states, pointing to the dream home addition behind her.

Not only is Zook’s home candy store a fun and creative method for showing kids how to manage their allowance, but she also notes that it “keeps the money coming back to us.”

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TikTokers were blown away by Zook’s sweet strategy, and some people took to the comments to share how they use a similar system.

“I like [this] because then they can choose to eat candy or choose to save, and [you’re] not [the] bad guy,” noted one viewer.

“I buy cases of sodas and make the kids buy them for 50 cents! They drink less soda if they have to pay for it,” one parent shared.

“[This] starts to teach them the value of money. Great idea,” complimented another user.

While Zook’s small home business is intended for kids, sweet tooths of all ages can benefit from investing in some jelly beans.

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