Mom gets upset when 16-year-old doesn’t order her takeout for dinner: ‘Get off your high horse’

A mom is furious with her 16-year-old daughter for not making her dinner.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. The mom works late and doesn’t always have time to make dinner. This means her 16-year-old daughter Sarah, who also works part-time, makes dinner two or three times a week.

“I rarely eat dinner, though, because my job provides me with food and I’m not hungry when I return home,” the mom wrote.

But a few days ago, Sarah purchased dinner for the family from her mother’s favorite takeout place but didn’t buy any for her mom. Sarah explained her mom usually skipped dinner.

“I was quite upset with her and told her that she still should’ve thought about me in case I was hungry,” the mom explained. “If she ordered the food for everyone why couldn’t she order for me too.”

The mother and daughter got into an argument. Sarah told her she shouldn’t have to cook because she’s a minor with school and work responsibilities.

“Sarah also told me I always waste food because I never eat my portion and I only care because it’s delivery food that I like,” the mom wrote.

Redditors thought the mom was being unreasonable.

“You literally almost never eat dinner with your family but throw a fit when your 16 year old daughter doesn’t waste her own money […] Get off your high horse,” a user commented.

“Why can’t dad do any cooking? Why are the kids feeding the parents?” another wrote.

“She’s right, it is not her responsibility to have to make dinner for the family as a teenager,” a person added.

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