Mom gets super honest about why she doesn’t want anymore kids

This TikTok mom shared an emotional and relatable video outlining why she has decided not to have any more children.

Tatum (@cactustate) is a parent and TikToker who shares heartfelt and sometimes humorous videos about her life as a parent. In a recent video, Tatum got real about why she has decided not to have any more children and make her daughter her only child. In the heartfelt video, Tatum shares the struggles she experienced as a new mom and how they shaped her decision to stop at one child.

“Hi, I’m going to be explaining to you why I will not be having any more children,” Tatum says as the video begins. Tatum stands in front of the camera wearing a whimsical button-down shirt decorated with bananas as she begins listing her reasons.

“Number one: Labor,” Tatum says. “Mortifying. I will not be doing that again.”

Tatum shares that she ate a meal at Taco Bell shortly before going into labor, and her stomach definitely did not agree with her while she gave birth. “I think about that every night,” Tatum shares. “And it’s been over two years.”

Second, Tatum shares that her daughter didn’t sleep through the night until very recently. “She woke up 6 times a night on a good night,” Tatum recalls. “Now she sleeps through the night, but guess who doesn’t? Me. I don’t. I no longer know how.”

Third, Tatum shares that her daughter can be somewhat reckless. “My daughter thinks she’s in a constant filming of Jackass,” Tatum says. “She isn’t afraid of [anything] and she’s clumsy. Dangerous combination. I cannot afford to worry about anyone else.”

Next up is postpartum anxiety. “It is crippling,” Tatum shares, recalling how she broke two pairs of glasses because she kept falling asleep while anxiously watching her daughter while she slept.

“I didn’t want to waste time by having to put on glasses to see her,” Tatum explains. “I watched her sleep for the first 6 months of her life and I still kind of do it.”

Last but not least, Tatum shares a reason she thinks “everybody will understand.” She simply doesn’t want another child. “And you can’t make me,” Tatum says. “I’m done.”

Viewers applauded the mom for her relatable content.

“Girl, I definitely feel you. I will not be having anymore children,” one viewer wrote.

“Amen, sister!” commented another viewer.

“Thank you. Everyone judges me for only wanting one kid, but I’m an only child and I turned out fine,” another parent wrote.

Parenting certainly is a tough job—no matter how many kids you choose to have!

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