Mom forces herself to wear crop top all day to model body acceptance

Mom and TikToker Arielle (@mermaidmomarielle) shared a meaningful conversation she had with her daughter about body positivity. This mother wore a crop top despite her discomfort to promote body positivity to her daughter. In the video, Arielle says, “I wore the crop top. And all day I tried to compliment my own body and talk to myself out loud like how I would like her to talk to her body one day”. “I was not completely comfortable all day to be honest. But I feel like I need to get myself there so that I can be the best parent to [her]”. Kids are very easily influenced by parents when it comes to body image, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Small actions like only privately wearing clothing that shows off your body can be picked up by observant and impressionable kids ... ... who may interpret the behavior as telling them that bodies are something to be ashamed of. Arielle chose to challenge herself to wear the crop top and to talk to herself about her body kindly so that she can be a good role model to her kids