Mom Finds "Mouse" in Her Son's Bed and the Internet Can't Stop Laughing

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From Good Housekeeping

Sometimes parenting means you have to suck it up and deal with the bad, the gross and the downright ugly, but after finding a dead mouse in her child's bed, Laura Mazza, is drawling the line.

In a Facebook post that has since been shared nearly 300,000 times, Mazza hilariously summed up the horrifying experience of finding a tiny "mouse" in her son's bed.

"Today I saw a mouse in my son's room. A mouse. Stewart Little has decided to come in my house and set up camp near my sons drawers," she began the post.

She begins calculating her plan of attack when her young daughter innocently decided to waltz into the room, putting herself directly in the path of the critter. Mazza immediately scooped her up, pulling her out of the room. From there she frantically calls her husband to describe the scene at hand.

"He answers the phone and I say 'mouse' I stutter because I'm terrified. This is no Mickey Mouse okay. This is ratatouille but smaller and he isn't making some delicious soup, he's gonna spray out pebble poo and make babies everywhere and in my son's ears and they'll crawl in my mouth."

Her amused husband convinces her to go back in the room where she finds the unassuming mouse now DEAD in her child's bed. After realizing that her so-called "partner-in-crime" isn't going to be any help, she hangs up. It's time for her to buck up and remove the mouse on her own.

"I take a couple of swigs of whiskey and say 'okay Laura, today is the day you will fight your biggest fear in life and remove a dead mouse from your house,'" she writes. "I said this about 10 times in the mirror before and slapped myself a few times before I bolted down the door and went charging in like a knight in shining armour with a piece of paper screaming like the warrior woman I am and charge up onto this dead mouse in my house and I realize…. I realize it's not a mouse."

Instead, she had mistaken her son's tiny toy leopard for a terrorizing mouse.

From there's she did what any logical mom would do: vowed to never tell a soul about the incident.

"My husband got home 4 hours later and asked me how I went. I said 'Mate, I handled that s--t.'"

Her secret is now out, but with 77,000 comments, we think it's safe to say that moms everywhere can relate.

We can't help but to laugh at Mazza's misfortune, but also applaud her for handling like the badass mom she is.

[h/t: Scary Mommy]

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