Mom enrages parents with her ‘ridiculous’ babysitting request: ‘Entitled and ungrateful’

A 25-year-old mother doesn’t understand why her retired parents don’t want to watch her kids three times a week.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to weigh in. The mother was recently promoted at her job which required longer hours than before. She asked her parents to watch her kids two additional days every week. When her parents refused, she uninvited them to her wedding.

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“I have two children, my son and my daughter,” she wrote. “Raising two children at a young age has been really difficult, however, I was able to graduate from college with a good degree and start a career that I am happy with. Despite this, the struggle of trying to juggle the responsibility of looking after my kids and focusing on my career is stressful to say the very least. My fiancé also works full time, which only compounds the issue. Up until now, my parents have been watching my children on Saturday nights so me and my fiancé can have time to ourselves. My parents are retired.”

When she demanded her parents babysit her two children more often, the request didn’t go over well.

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“I was recently offered a promotion at work,” she explained. “While I enjoy my new position, it involves me working more hours, which only makes my home life more difficult. I told my parents that I’d really appreciate it if they could watch my kids on Tuesday and Thursday nights as well, so as to alleviate my stress levels. However, they refused, saying that they’re doing ‘more than enough’ by looking after my kids on a Saturday night. We had an argument after this, where my parents threatened to stop watching my kids on Saturday night. This annoyed me, and I responded by saying that if they’re going to put me in a compromising position, then they’re not going to come to my wedding. We haven’t spoken since, and I’ve had to look after my kids on Saturday night, which has been stressful for both me and my fiancé. I feel that since they’re retired, there’s nothing wrong with asking them to pull their weight more and help me out with my kids. Am I missing something?”

Reddit users thought the mom was being a spoiled brat.

“OP is entitled and ungrateful,” one user wrote.

“These are your kids, not your parents’,” another said.

“This is ridiculous,” someone added.

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