Mom declares ‘B-shaped’ pregnancy bellies are ‘normal and beautiful’ in TikTok PSA

This pregnant mama is encouraging other moms to embrace their B-shaped bellies.

A “B” belly is when a pregnancy bump appears as though it is creased in the middle. This invisible “waistband” causes it to appear like a “B” as opposed to the more common “D” shape.

While a B-shape is more common in heavier people, it really can happen to a parent of any size. Factors like height, weight, muscle and bone structure all contribute to the appearance of a bump.

TikTok mom @thehanleyfam showed off her B shape at 13 weeks pregnant.

“PSA: B shaped bellies during pregnancy are normal and beautiful too,” the video text read.

The pregnant mom proudly patted her B-shaped bump, writing, “Love my belly and u should love urs too,” in the caption.

People in the comments supported the mom and shared their own B-belly anecdotes.

“First time around, I wasn’t b shaped.. but man it’s been weird this time around realizing my belly is literally a B,” a person commented.

“Mine does that because of a scar I have from stomach surgeries so I love seeing other people with it,” a user said.

“Haha I just assumed everyone’s looked like this and other people are better at hiding it,” a TikToker replied.

“I’m 13 weeks with a B belly too. I feel like I just look bloated and not pregnant,” someone added.

“My stomach looks more like a b now than it did during my pregnancy, 12 days pp right now,” another wrote.

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