Mom Catches Grandparents Spoiling Her Dog in the Most Over-the-Top Way

We've all seen those twee signs that read "What happens at Grandma's, stays at Grandma's" and it's usually used to signify a grandparent who lets their grandkids do whatever they want at their house, rules be darned.

Welp, the owner of Myko the dog at TikTok account @Mykomushroom obviously needs to buy her own mom one of these signs, because Myko here is getting away with just about anything.

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Just look at this pup getting away with everything! Grandparents gotta grandparent! If you have a dog and they are used to having playtime at your parents or having them dog-sit when you are out of town you are probably pretty familiar with this entire situation. Dogs (and kids) gets away with so much when they are with grandma and grandpa! TikTok users are loving this, and @Rosabell comments, "Myko just wanted to be eye-level with granny and grand pop, to kiss them and all." Yup, that tracks. @Hanni adds, "The way his grandpapito look at Milo is pure love. Rules are different at grandparents houses." @Tinker adds, "Awwww, so spoiled, that's too cute!" We agree!

It's just all too sweet and it's such a wonderful thing when grandparents live close by. We just love seeing our dog's excitement when we tell them they get to go see their grandparents!

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