Mom Catches Dachshund Stealing Milk From Newborn Puppies Like a True Stealth

Dachshund owners know that as much as they love their dogs, these little guys have a tendency to be sneaky. They always seem to get their way. So we guess one woman shouldn't have been surprised when she caught her Dachshund stealing milk from puppies at her home.

Shannon Mickey is a self-professed "Dachshund lover." But even she would admit the little one had gone too far.

She caught the dog, Stella, red-handed while in the enclosure with the mama dog and her four puppies. The little girl was lined up like one of the babies and everything.

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"What are you doing?!" the woman asked the Dachshund from behind the camera. "What are you doing eating with those babies?" she added with a gasp.

Bad girl! That's the puppies' food!

Commenters were on Stella's side. "She was just tasting for quality, correct temperature, etc. So kinda like a health inspector," joked one person. "Stella saw the buffet was open," another commenter teased. "What? There's a seat at the bar that no body's using..." a third commenter kidded. "The way she knows she’s not suppose to be on it lol," someone else pointed out.

Do Dogs Get Jealous?

Was Stella feeling peckish or was something else going on? Well it's very possible that the pup was feeling a little bit left out with the new pups in the picture. Just like humans, dogs can feel jealousy. In fact, a study from the University of California San Diego seems to prove that's true.

In the study, humans interacted with three subjects in front of their puppers — a book, a plastic jack-o-lantern, and a realistic-looking stuffed dog that moved and made sounds. Unsurprisingly, the dogs did not love it when their owners interacted with the stuffed animals. They would make attempts to touch or get attention from their owners, would wedge themselves in between their owners and the stuffy, or would start barking, biting, and whining.

Dogs tend to get jealous of other dogs, new puppies, other people, and babies. Unlike humans, who tend to get jealous when we don't get the attention we desire, dogs experience jealousy because of the bond they have their owners and their need to keep their owners close.

Signs That Your Dog Is Jealous

All dogs will give you signs that they're jealous. Pay attention to when they're aggressive, pushy, or growling without reason. Dogs may go to the bathroom inside, bark excessively, over groom theirselves, become destructive, or crowd your personal space.

Dogs may either show signs of depression or will start doing tricks to impress their owners to get attention too.

So while we can't be sure what Stella was angling for here, her owner might just want to give her some one-on-one time. She might just be jealous.

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