Mom captures unexpected moment with 3-year-old son: 'Literally brought me to tears'

Parents are rejoicing over a son’s loving overture to his mom.

Influencer @jaylabrenae5 is a stay-at-home mom who vlogs about family life on TikTok. Her toddler son Braylon has speech delays. Speech delays can be caused by oral or motor issues that make it difficult to coordinate the mouth to form speech sounds.

The condition can be treated with speech therapy and through parents engaging in thoughtful communication and literacy with children, according to KidsHealth.

Because Braylon has speech delays, he hasn’t always been able to verbally express himself the way he wants. But one day he saw cookie cutters at the store and asked @jaylabrenae5 to bake cookies at home.

The mom obliged but said “the most unexpected thing happened” when they were baking together. Braylon started showering his mom with verbal affection.

“Thank you, mom! Thank you! Thank you!” he repeated, hugging and kissing her. “I love you, mommy!”

The mom tried to keep it together, stirring the batter through happy tears.

“It’s an even sweeter moment for me knowing I used to pray for the days my son could tell me he loved me due to him being speech delayed,” @jaylabrenae5 wrote in the caption. “I’m in awe right now.”

Braylon’s milestone resonated with parents on TikTok and the video racked up 6.9 million views, 1.8 million likes and almost 30,000 comments.

“I pray for the day my 3-year-old son can say ‘momma’ and ‘I love you’. He has Apraxia so he says very few words,” a user wrote.

“Crying I can’t wait to hear my son say these words to me,” someone commented.

“Literally brought me to tears. I love this so much. I can’t wait for days like this with my daughter,” another shared.

“Omg I can relate!!!!! I soak all that love in because I was waiting best feeling ever,” a person added.

“My son also had speech delays. He didn’t say the word ‘mama’ until he was 22 months old. Watching this brought back memories/ happy tears,” a TikToker said.

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