Mom captures how much can change in 8 short years in hilarious TikTok

This mom posted a hilariously relatable video showing her daughter’s attitudinal journey by juxtaposing a sweet clip from when she was an angelic toddler in 2014 with present-day footage of her as a typical disinterested pre-teen.

Watching your child develop their sense of self and identity independent from you can be bittersweet. One day, your child can’t get enough of you, then all of a sudden, it’s like they want nothing to do with you. TikToker and parent Samantha Richardson (@livingrichardson) can relate to this, evidenced in a funny video she shared comparing a clip of her daughter as an affectionate toddler in 2014 versus present-day footage of her as a typical pre-teen.

The clip opens with a 2014 shot of Richardson’s daughter as a toddler. “You’re the best mommy ever, and you’re the cutest mommy,” the little girl gushes while sitting on a couch.

“I love you,” Richardson tells her daughter, who immediately replies, “Love you, mommy,” before blowing a kiss.

“Can I use this when you’re a teenager, and you’re mad at me, and you’ll always think I’m the best mommy ever?” Richardson asks the toddler, who nods before answering with a quick “Ya.”

“Okay, I love you,” Richardson repeats, to which her daughter responds, “Love you too,” before blowing more kisses.

The clip cuts to a present shot of her daughter, now entering her teen years, sporting a denim jacket while sitting on a couch.

“Am I still the best mommy ever?” Richardson eagerly asks. Her daughter pauses for a moment staring at the camera with a blasé expression before answering, “Sure,” as the video comes to a close.

Richardson’s side-by-side video comparison struck a chord with many parents on TikTok.

“That ‘sure’ had A LOT more attached to it,” one user commented.

Honestly, the fact she said ‘sure’ and didn’t just glare at you is a win,” encouraged one TikToker.

“At least she didn’t say ‘I don’t know,’” one viewer mentioned.
Based on the response from viewers, parents will always see their kids as their babies no matter how old they are.

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