Mom-to-be bursts into tears when husband brings home baked beans from gas station: ‘Pregnancy emotions hit so differently’

An expecting mom’s hilarious reaction to a can of baked beans is cracking up TikTokers worldwide and inspiring them to share their own experiences with pregnancy emotions.

TikToker and mom Madi (@madiidrew) gained over 10 million views and 40,000 comments when she uploaded the tearful footage to her account.

Parents telling hilarious stories have gone viral on TikTok before — like this mom horrified when a Starbucks barista let her know half her face was unblended, or this woman whose face went bright red when she discovered her thong was stuck to her child’s shoe all day.

But Madi’s side-splitting encounter with a can of baked beans might just take the cake!

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In the now-viral video, Madi tearfully explains the emotional morning she had after waking up “so hungry that [she] was nauseous.”

Nine months pregnant and desperately hungry, Madi sent her husband, Jaylan, to the gas station to grab her something to eat.

Unable to find any breakfast food, quick-thinking Jaylan asked his ravenous wife if a can of Beanie Weenies would work.

Thinking he meant cocktail weenies, and throwing up from hunger, Madi said that would work.

But when Jaylan returned home with a can of baked beans, the starving mom-to-be could do nothing but “excessively cry.”

“These are Beanie Weenies, though!” Jaylan exclaimed, desperately shaking the can in front of the camera.

“Why would I want baked beans for breakfast?” Madi wailed, tears rolling down her cheeks.

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‘ Pregnancy emotions had me crying ‘cause Sonic didn’t give me my corn dog…’

In response to Madi’s viral video — and to comments accusing the expecting mom of being “over the top” — women around the world shared their own food-inspired pregnancy meltdowns.

“I cried just like this when I was preggo, all because McDonald’s ice cream machine was down,” one TikTok user shared.

“I was pregnant last year, [and] I cried because I was craving Subway [but it] was closed. I cried my eyes out. It’s a pregnancy thing,” another user wrote.

“Pregnancy emotions had me crying ‘cause Sonic didn’t give me my corn dog … Men just don’t get it,” commented another user.

“I cried over onions on my sandwich when I was pregs,” shared another user.

“I cried over noodles. My husband promised that when I got home from work, we would go get noodles. But when I got home, he was asleep,” wrote one user.

“I cried because my hubby got me a Whopper instead of a Whopper Junior,” another comment read.

“Pregnancy at its finest!!! I cried because my strawberries look deformed, and I wanted just normal and regular ones,” wrote another user.

“Pregnancy emotions hit so differently. You have literally no control over them,” another user replied, laugh-crying emojis in tow.

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