Mom has 'absolutely no excuse' for tattoo mistake: 'Spelled wrong for an eternity'

This mother is hilariously roasting herself over a major tattoo fail.

TikTok mom @aaryn.mj wasn’t new to getting inked when she made the mistake. In fact, she even described it as the “worst-case scenario” when it came to getting a name tattoo.

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“Worst-case scenario when getting someone’s name tattooed on you?” she asked. “It’s not breaking up. It’s spelling it wrong.”

The mom explained that she has “absolutely no excuse for this one.” When she went to get her son’s name tattooed on her arm, she had so many opportunities to correct the mistake.

She didn’t notice the stencil was incorrect, she didn’t notice when they placed the stencil that it was incorrect, and she didn’t notice when they tattoed the wrong name that it was incorrect.

“It’s not until you take the bandage off and you go to take pictures of it that you see that your son’s name is spelled wrong for an eternity!” she said.

The mom spelled her son’s name “Sean Micheal” instead of “Sean Michael.”

Fortunately, she was not alone. People in the comments were happy to share their similar tattoo fails.

“My family all got the date of my sister’s death tattooed and it wasn’t until both my brothers were done that I realized I’d given them the wrong date,” someone said.

“THIS HAPPENED TO ME! They spelled my daughter’s name wrong and I didn’t realize for THREE days. Ur not alone,” another added.

“I have my son’s name spelt wrong on my foot, worst thing is … I wrote it out for them. I’ve told him and luckily he finds it funny,” a person commented.

“My mom has my name tattooed wrong on the back of her neck,” a TikToker replied.

“Time to change the birth certificate,” a user joked.

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