Who is Molly Moon? The horror content creator is ‘unsettling’ her audience

This creator is giving TikTok the absolute creeps. They love every minute of it.

If the algorithm hasn’t brought you to a Molly Moon video yet, it’s only a matter of time. With over 293,000 followers, she’s making horror content unlike any you may have seen. So if you hate jump scares, turn around and do not pass go!

Molly Moon’s videos are like small vignettes from a video game where she’s the main character and the villain. Most of her content starts with her catchphrase, “Excuse me, sir,” before she asks a question.

Then a prompt window appears on the screen as if she’s interacting with someone playing a game.

“Excuse me, sir, can you walk me home?” she asked robotically in one video.

A mouse cursor clicked “Sure!” on a screen prompt. Then Molly Moon appeared to lure the “player” home. After she announced that she was hungry, her jaw suddenly unhinged.

In another video, she asked for help cleaning to prepare for her parents’ arrival. But when her chicken burned in the oven, she implied she might have to resort to… cannibalism?

“Excuse me, sir, can you help me find my cat?” she asked in a different TikTok.

The “player” tried to help Molly Moon find her cat, only to find a drawer full of men’s driver’s licenses. She also may have taken the “player” as her new pet at the end.

“I love the aesthetic and whatever filtering is used here,” a person replied.

“If you made an actual game, I would play it so fast,” a user commented.

“These are so unsettling… I’m still here watching it though love em!” someone replied.

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