Modern horror classics get reimagined as dog-eared teen pulp paperbacks

Allison Shoemaker
·2 mins read

In its purest form, a Great Job, Internet story is a cool thing on the internet, often but not always related to pop culture. That’s not always the case—sometimes we’ll write about, say, the subject of a viral video when he’s gifted a truck and a bunch of cranberry juice by the CEO of Ocean Spray, and sometimes we’ll ask a strength expert about the Laura Dern Sitting Challenge, you get the idea—but most often, it’s that simple formula. It is our way of saying “Hey, look over there, there’s a cool thing, here’s why we think it’s cool.”

All that is to say, hey, look, a cool thing: contemporary horror films reimagined as paperback books from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s!

It really is worth clicking to open those images, which arrive on your screen courtesy of Elizabeth Belsky. You can definitely get the general idea but the overall effect—particularly the wear and tear on these obviously well-thumbed volumes—doesn’t really hit you unless you see the whole image. Four more!

The cover for The Love Witch is perfect, though that film’s aesthetic lends itself to the project more than any of the others. (Anna Biller, who directed The Love Witch, seems to agree.) But we are pretty sure we checked The Witch out of the library like three different times to reread it. It’s weirdly uncanny. What sorcery is at work here?

That was meant to be all, but the response to Belsky’s images was as immediate as you might expect, given the fact that it’s October and all. So she shared two more, with a little bonus.

So there you have it. A cool thing, and also a pretty great list of stuff you could watch this month.

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