Models Love Bacon Just As Much As the Next Guy

New York Fashion Week has been in full swing for days, meaning the city is awash in platform heels, hip-cocked poses, and overall fierceness. To keep him going from show to show, we sent Yahoo Style editor in chief Joe Zee a survival kit filled with green juice, chocolate, “Brain Dust,” and granola.


Photo credit: Cara Delevigne / Instagram

For model Cara Delevigne, it’s all about bacon. So much so that she tattooed the word on the bottom of her foot. You know, Cara, you’re alright.

Zee did take a few minutes, at least, to sit down with designer Carolina Herrera to talk about life and grilled cheese. He discovers that She Of the Crisp White Shirt always orders fries on the side. “If you’re going to have it, have it all,” she says.


Photo credit: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images/Christina Holmes

Bon Appétit produced a brilliant slideshow of Spring 2015 runway looks that remind the magazine’s team of their own recipes. This mashup of Nina Athanasiou and Mint Chip Ice Cream Cake is our particular favorite.


Photo credit: Egg Shop

T Magazine rounded up the best downtown Manhattan restaurants where you should wind down after the lights and music have been extinguished, including the Lower East Side’s Egg Shop. “The Fish Out of Water features smoked salmon, pickled egg, fresh dill and caperberry mustard on rye, while the El Camino dishes out a poached egg, avocado, carnitas, fried tortilla and cilantro in a bowl (hold the bread),” writes T’s Kari Molvar. Yum.

If fashion week continues to involve all these yummy things, then call us Hot Cocoa Chanel. We’re into it.