Model claims Bumble is ruining her chances at dating

A 24-year-old model is claiming that several of her profile photos on the dating app Bumble were removed because other users were stealing her photos. This is at least the second case of a Bumble being accused of deleting even the most appropriate of photos of women. as well as at least the second story about a woman claiming that her image was stolen from her dating profile and then used to catfish people. Tahlia Paris told The Daily Mail that she joined Bumble after a breakup and created a “PG” and “average” profile. But Paris, who joined the app to get back into the dating scene, is still upset that her profile has had to suffer. “I was upset when they closed my account because why should I have to suffer because others have made fake accounts of me?” she said. “For now I’m at a stand-still with dating sadly”. “but hopefully things will open soon so I can get back out into the normal dating world”