My/Mochi's New Limited-Time Ice Cream Flavor Gives 'Pickle Ball' A New Meaning

My/Mochi pickle flavored mochi
My/Mochi pickle flavored mochi - PR Newswire

Happy National Pickle Day! On November 14, pickle lovers receive an extra special day to celebrate all things tangy, crunchy, and covered in brine. Snack on your favorite crunchy dill spear or lay a second layer of sweet pickle chips atop your midday meal to celebrate. On this special day for pickle enthusiasts, fans can even indulge in treats they never expected to get the pickle-flavored treatment.

My/Mochi, a company known for their frozen bites of flavored ice cream surrounded by a gooey mochi shell, announced that a brand new pickle flavor will be available online and in select stores for purchase just in time for National Pickle Day. The chilly treat is filled with pickle-flavored ice cream and surrounded by the iconic rice dough that mochi lovers enjoy. According to My/Mochi's website, the snack is naturally gluten-free and has 80 calories per piece. This makes it easy for hungry fans with all types of dietary restrictions to enjoy. But just how well do pickle and mochi pair together in one bite? According to current flavor trends, pickles have found their way into just about every flavor category.

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Pickles Have Been All The Rage In The Snacking Community

Pickles in jar
Pickles in jar - Stefan Tomic/Getty Images

Even if you've never played pickleball, you can still enjoy a pickle-flavored ball thanks to My/Mochi. This treat may entice even those who don't traditionally enjoy pickle-flavored goodies due to its sweet rice dough and hints of dill that complement the sweetness of the ice cream. The new flavor will only be available for a limited time in celebration of National Pickle Day. Don't worry about missing out as there is no shortage of pickle-flavored snacks on shelves.

The release of pickle-flavored mochi is yet another result of the current dill-flavored boom. My/Mochi's Chief Marketing Officer Brigette Wolf took note of how popular pickles have become in recent years. In the press release that announced their newest pickle flavor, Wolf said, "We are constantly looking at the trends and flavors people are buzzing about to bring more fun and flavor to the ice cream category... The pickle trend is so hot right now, so we thought, 'let's do something cool.'" Sweet snacks, savory treats, and everything in between have received a pickle makeover in recent years. From the ever-popular Trader Joe's popcorn in a pickle to pickle-flavored Heinz gummy candy and even cocktails featuring pickle brine, pickles have become quite a big dill. Whether you're an avid celebrator of National Pickle Day or you're just too curious about how well the flavor of pickles can actually blend with mochi, make sure you snag this limited-time snack online before it's gone.

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