MLS is returning in 2020

Yahoo Sports' Doug McIntyre breaks down MLS' plans to return in 2020.

Video Transcript

DOUG MCINTYRE: Hi, guys, Doug McIntyre, Yahoo Sports soccer writer, and soccer continues to be at the forefront of sports' push to return to play in the age of the coronavirus pandemic. Major League Soccer announcing on Wednesday that it has finalized plans to resume its 2020 season that was stopped in March because of the health crisis.

MLS and its players association ratifying a collective-bargaining agreement that was originally struck in February. Some of the language had to change in response to the pandemic. That's now been done. The league and its players will have labor peace for at least the next five years in a deal that runs through 2025.

And as part of that agreement, the league will return to play starting in July. There's going to be a World Cup-style tournament in Orlando, Florida, all teams housed on site with the idea that the rest of the 2020 season can resume later in the year in teams' home markets when it becomes safe to do so.

So the NBA looking at a similar plan, but MLS has finalized its plan. This is happening. And they join other soccer leagues around the world that have either announced plans or already come back. The German Bundesliga began playing games in empty stadiums last month. The English Premier League announcing its own plans to resume later in the summer. And the north-- the National Women's Soccer League, rather, will become the first sports league in North America to return when it does so in late June with its own tournament. That one's going to be in Sandy, Utah.

So soccer at the forefront of leagues returning from the coronavirus pandemic. And we'll keep you posted with all the latest right here at Yahoo Sports.

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