Is Mitchell Trubisky worth the risk?

FFL Flash Alert - Liz Loza sets aside her vacillating feelings on Mitchell Trubisky and explains why he's worth the fantasy pick up.

Video Transcript

- I think y'all know about my long standing on again, off again relationship with the Chicago Bears. Which, as a result of, I have developed some quarterback related trust issues. But I'm going to take a note from the sage goddess. And I'm going to try to clear any bad juju away from Mitchell Trubisky's name, yo. He has posted multi-touchdown games. Oh, smell the palo santo, in back-to-back efforts. Only given up two INTs. Giving you a little extra points on the ground with some rushing yards. 42, thank you very much. And the match-up against the Falcons. Give me a break. Now he is not Dak Prescott or Russell Wilson. But he does have some excellent weapons. And I think he can get you QB 15 fantasy numbers. You next.