Misty Copeland’s Fans Think This Image of Her Is Photoshopped More Than She Says

Jihan Forbes
·Associate Editor
Misty Copeland’s fans wonder who would ever alter her? (Photo: Getty Images)
Misty Copeland’s fans wonder who would ever alter her? (Photo: Getty Images)

Some of Misty Copeland’s fans are none too pleased with an image the dancer posted to her Instagram page two days ago, which they say appears to be Photoshopped. And they’re right — but not completely, according to Copeland.

Her followers took to the image’s comments section to say that the photo looked doctored. The photo shows Copeland sitting in a white leotard and ballet shoes, her hand in a soft fist at her clavicle. “This photo does not reflect recent images of Misty. Photoshopped too much. Are we still celebrating Misty as a fabulous ballerina or just another celeb on a publicity photo shoot?!” one commenter said.


A photo posted by Misty Copeland (@mistyonpointe) on Sep 24, 2016 at 6:46pm PDT

Seeing the controversy over the snap, which was captured by Gregg Delman for his new book, Copeland posted a side-by-side of the original and final photo to show that yes, she was Photoshopped, but it wasn’t to make her body appear smaller. “The positive body image that is shown throughout is a healthy one and what I stand for. The image on the left was photoshopped to smooth out my leotard. No altering was done to my body. I’m happy and proud of my body and would never participate in changing it.”

One look at the image and yes, it’s clear that Misty’s leotard got ironed out, thanks to some computer magic — though the size of her stomach seems to still be intact. Some commenters still took issue with the change, writing. “The honesty is appreciated. But I agree, photo shopping is a slippery slope. The wrinkled leotard is honest, dancing is athletic. Its like dirt on football uniforms.” Others came to the party to say that they actually prefer the picture with the wrinkled leotard. “I like seeing you in a wrinkled leotard, that’s what real… you are a very beautiful woman. And anyone that has seen you perform would know you love yourself and your body.”

Some commenters also claimed to see other small changes to the image. “Your skin is lighter (a lot lighter) and your booty is smaller (a lot smaller) they also added muscle to your left arm. Not that you needed it.. any of it,” one person observed. “The picture was CLEARLY retouched more than just your leotard. People aren’t blind. Smh,” another said.

What do you think? Is Misty’s photo a case of egregious retouching, or are the changes not a big deal? And is it really anyone’s business?

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