This Mist Serves as Sunscreen for Your Hair and Scalp With One Major Perk—No Greasy Strands

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Suncare Ocean Salt & Sage Scalp & Hair Mist SPF 30
Suncare Ocean Salt & Sage Scalp & Hair Mist SPF 30

Your beach bag may be filled to the brim with half-full sunscreen bottles for your body and face, but what about for your scalp? It's easy to forget about your head and hair when spending time in the sun, but they're just as prone to damage. That being said, a head full of sunscreen inevitably makes for greasy hair, which is why hundreds of reviewers have turned to one mist for a slick-free layer of protection.

Coola's Suncare Ocean Salt & Sage Scalp & Hair Mist SPF 30 has the unique ability to provide a coat of hair and scalp sunscreen without creating oily buildup. "I've always used normal sunscreen and put it on my part so it doesn't burn, especially if I wear braids, but it always made my hair greasy," wrote a shopper. "This stuff doesn't do that at all, it's so easy to spray, smells good, and feels good in my hair."

The mist contains monoi oil, which is a natural guard against UV rays, according to the brand. But this ingredient is also able to boost shine and repair strands without contributing to an oily or overly dry scalp and tresses.

And despite it being labeled as a salt spray, it's not the tacky texture you're probably used to. "This scalp and hair mist is moisturizing and doesn't get hard/crunchy like some salt sprays can," said another shopper. "In fact, it feels like a water mist, except my hair doesn't start to frizz and wave in the humidity. It helps to hold my hair in place, keep it smooth and shiny, AND protects my scalp from getting burned. Holy. Grail. Product."

Suncare Ocean Salt & Sage Scalp & Hair Mist SPF 30
Suncare Ocean Salt & Sage Scalp & Hair Mist SPF 30

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While everyone should be wary of keeping their hair and noggin safe, anyone with color-treated or processed hair is probably familiar with the all-too-real threat that the sun poses come summertime. Oxidation, color fading, and breakage are to be expected without the right protection. And if you're not looking to wear a hat all season long, this lightweight hair spray is a great swap, not only because of its color-saving monoi oil, but also thanks in part to its moisturizing panthenol.

"This is a new product for me, but let me start with: I have bright pink hair!" wrote one fan. "Maintaining my locks in the summer is a pain. So far I love this stuff! [It] smells great and is not greasy at all! Plus the spray comes out where it covers a lot of your hair so you're not constantly getting little spritzes all over."

This is also a perfect product for little ones who may be less than thrilled with more traditional types of sun protection. "I ordered the scalp and hair mist for my very blonde-haired toddler who won't wear a hat for very long," wrote one shopper. "I've only used it a few times, but it protected him and didn't make his fine hair greasy."

Rubbing goopy aloe vera gel on your head and dealing with the pain and risk of a sunburnt scalp and dried-out strands isn't worth it—and neither is an oiled-up head of sunscreen. Instead, stock up on a few bottles of this hair mist to keep you safe at the beach, BBQs, and pool parties this summer.