Missing Cow Running Home After Hearing Mama's Voice Is So Touching

She's so happy to be found!

It's been scientifically proven that cows are incredibly intelligent animals, capable of problem-solving, developing strong attachments to humans and other animals, and even remembering other cows who have wronged them and then holding a grudge against these mean cows.

That's why the following video posted by TikTok account holder and now mama @Sjlabrumlivestock isn't that surprising, because when one of her babies was lost the cow had the best reaction to mama calling for her. Just watch the following video to see this joyful reunion.

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Mom writes in the video, "One of our cows got in with our neighbor's cows and was missing for two days. I couldn't believe she came out of hundreds of cows to the sound of my voice. I was crying like a baby! (sorry about my voice." Awwwww! So sweet. We also love how the cow is named Piggy!

@Kate comments, "She was just on a sleep over at the neighbors." @Donette adds, "She knows how good she has it with you. She's happy to see you." @User17297845880 hilariously speaks for Piggy and says, "It’s my mom guys, she has cookies. Gotta go!"

Here's hoping Piggy stays in her own yard where she is supposed to with her sweet mom and all the cookies she can eat!

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