'Miss You!': Toddler Cuts Short Aunt's Long Goodbye

A Californian woman in an October 1 YouTube video caught the moment her three-year-old nephew abruptly ended her drawn-out farewell by shouting, “Miss you!”

Ashley Pelico told Storyful she and her nephew, Xavier, have developed a tradition of saying a series of goodbyes at the end of each visit.

“The beginning of this exchange between us is normal,” Pelico said.

“As Xavier continues to learn to speak sentences of his own, I often say several different goodbyes and he repeats them. It usually continues until I’m far enough away or one of us gets inside the car.”

However, on this particularly visit, Xavier hilariously cuts the goodbyes short.

“Something about that night got him impatient with all the goodbyes and you can hear his frustration begin at ‘sweet dreams’,” Pelico said, adding that while it was “so unexpected”, it brings her “joy to see his personality develop.” Credit: Ashley Pelico via Storyful