Katherine Haik Nabs Both Miss Teen USA Crown and Student Council Election

Katherine Haik won two titles this past weekend — Miss Teen USA and sophomore class representative. (Photo: Instagram)

Katherine Haik won two titles this past weekend — not only was the 15-year-old crowned Miss Teen USA on Saturday, August 22, but while she was in the Bahamas for the pageant, she found out that she won her student council election and will be serving as the sophomore class representative. The Louisiana native and resident just spent a whirlwind week in New York City immediately after winning the competition, but now she’s back home in the small town of Franklinton, one hour away from New Orleans with a population of 3,657. The town is planning to welcome her with a homecoming celebration — “Possibly even a parade!” she tells Yahoo Beauty. Franklinton held a viewing party at a restaurant for the Miss Teen USA pageant, where she’s become the local household name. “My friends tell me that my face is everywhere,” she says.

Last week, Haik roomed in the Trump penthouse with “sister queens” Miss USA Olivia Jordan and Miss Universe Paulina Vega from Colombia. She spent most of her time on a busy press tour, making her obligated appearances, but she was able to spend time with her new sisters, taking a Ride of Fame-sponsored ferry cruise tour of the Statue of Library. “Miss USA and I have grabbed dinner a few times,” says Haik. “And it’s so nice to have this big supportive family behind me.”

After just one week wearing the crown, Haik has already appeared on live TV shows like Fox and Friends and Good Day New York, but this won’t be representative of the rest of her year. After all, she has three more years of high school to go. “I am Miss Teen USA wherever I live, so I’ll be doing different things at home and in New York,” says Haik. “Education comes first for me.” But being both a dance team member and a softball player in high school, Haik says she doesn’t have much time to worry about pageant-worthy hair and makeup in everyday life. “At school, I don’t wear that much makeup, I just like being natural,” she tells Yahoo Beauty. “I wear a slicked back ponytail, [and] I put on some concealer, mascara, lip gloss from MAC, and mascara from Revlon. That’s it.” The past week in New York City, professional hair and makeup artists have been primping her for media appearances every day — and Haik knows it’s not every day life.

Haik admits that at 5’10” tall, she’s eager to dip her feet into modeling this year, but she’s also excited for her medical terminology, since the she’s also considering the medical field. “I love working with special needs children with Best Buddies,” she says. “Making time to help people and to be a positive role model for little girls is very important to me.” Totally doable for a girl who has Miss USA and Miss Universe as her mentors.


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