Miracle Dog Who Defied the Odds Gets Most Fitting 10th Birthday Celebration

Told that their Golden Retriever only had months to live, a couple from California never thought they'd see the day their Goldie turned one. Now, years later, they're celebrating another milestone they could've never dream of —  Goldie's tenth birthday.

The dog owners went big for the miraculous day. And while she can't exactly say it, we know that Goldie had to be thankful.

As seen in the video shared on the @goldieandaussie page, it shows the blowout party they had for the Golden Retriever. Of course, the birthday girl was dressed in a tutu and a birthday crown.

Goldie's owners set up the coolest balloon background and naturally they had a doggy-safe birthday cake waiting for her too.

"When the vet says she only has three months to live but here she is celebrating 10 years!!!! Love is the most powerful motivation to live longer! Happy birthday to our first child!" the dog owner wrote in the caption.

Commenters online wished Goldie a very happy birthday. "She doesn’t know me, but tell her I love her," wrote one person. "I just love when animals are being treated the way they deserve. They're way too good to us," someone else added. "She deserves all the love and the best life can offer. Happy birthday, Goldie! Cheers to more snuggles and cuddles," a third person praised. "HAPPY BIRFDAY SWEET ANGEL!" cheered another commenter.

Ways to Treat Your Dog for Its Birthday

Goldie's owners clearly love her and know how to throw her a killer party. They didn't miss a beat. But if you need help brainstorming some ways to celebrate your dog's big day here are some ways to make it a blast.

If you want to buy your dog a present may we suggest going in a slightly different direction? You might want to buy them the latest and greatest toy out there, but what your dog might really enjoy is getting a new version of toys they already have. There's nothing like a fresh tennis ball or chew toy.

Similarly, your dog will love an extra-long walk or some good time outside. Take them to their favorite dog park or trail and plan to be there for an hour or two — they'll absolutely love it.

The number one thing your dog loves is to spend time with you. So after you throw them a party or spend the day outdoors try and give them some good quality one-on-one time. Cuddle on the couch, let them sleep next to you, or just spend some time playing around in the living room. And there you have it! Another great birthday on the books.

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