Mint is merging with Credit Karma. Here are 6 budgeting app alternatives

Although several finance budgeting apps have merged in recent years, there are still several choices to manage your money.
Although several finance budgeting apps have merged in recent years, there are still several choices to manage your money. | Andrey Popov,

Come Jan. 1, 2024, users of the Mint app from Intuit will have to find a new way to manage their money since Mint is merging with Credit Karma.

“Credit Karma is thrilled to invite all Minters to continue their financial journey on Credit Karma, where they will have access to Credit Karma’s suite of features, products, tools and services, including some of Mint’s most popular features,” wrote the company in a November release.

As the release noted, current Mint users will have the option to use some of the tools they’re used to with Credit Karma. But if you want to try something new to manage your money, here are some different apps to try.


Free budgeting apps

1. Honeydue

Honeydue was found to be the best couple’s budgeting app by Business Insider. It’s completely free and allows users to share finances with a partner, create monthly bill reminders and even chat back and forth.

2. PocketGuard

PocketGuard’s free plan is basic and allows users to create a general monthly budget, track bill payments and create a savings goal, per Business Insider. A premium plan that costs $7.99 a month is also available and comes with additional features.

3. Empower Personal Dashboard

Forbes called Empower Personal Dashboard the “best budgeting app for investors.” It not only tracks budgetary spending but also allows users to plan for their future by tracking retirement investments and emergency funds.

4. Goodbudget

Similar to how Mint allows users to create different budgets throughout the month, Goodbudget allows users to budget for individual categories such as groceries, fast food and rent, according to Forbes. The free version limits the amount of budgets to 20, while the premium version gives users an unlimited amount and costs $8 a month.

Subscription budgeting apps

1. YNAB (You Need A Budget)

Dubbed the “best budgeting app for achieving financial goals” by Forbes, the You Need A Budget app focuses on helping users get out of debt and save money. A free trial lets users try the app for a month and then it costs $14.99 per month or $99 for the year.

2. Simplifi by Quicken

The monthly fee for Simplifi is $5.99 or you can pay $47.88 for the year. The app will analyze users’ personalized spending and savings by connecting all bank, investment and credit card accounts. It can help you save by budgeting for customizable categories and allows you to track expenses. Monthly reports can be generated of general spending, income, savings and net worth, per Business Insider.